RIP, Google Reader!

Welp, it finally happened—Google Reader is officially dead. I’m still giving the side-eye to that business decision, but what do I know?

When I first heard that Reader would be killed, I was indignant and a bit worried—how would I import all my subscriptions? What would happen to my hundreds of tagged and starred posts?? But over the past few months, I’ve come to terms with the loss. Sure, I could’ve used Feedly or Bloglovin and imported all my favorites. But I procrastinated; all I did was pin a bunch of starred recipes to my Pinterest. I didn’t get through even a quarter of my starred stuff, though.

But you know what? I’m okay with that. My Reader was a mess; after subscribing to multiple VeganMoFo’s worth of blogs over the years, I had literally hundreds of subscriptions. I’d try to prune my subscriptions every so often, but what I really needed to do was start fresh. So really, the demise of Google Reader is both timely and a little bit welcome. I’m excited to start anew, to subscribe to only the blogs I really want to read, and to have a much more manageable list of unread items when I check my feed every day. I like fresh starts.

And today marks another fresh start, too. S and I are signing the lease on our rented condo tonight, and our pod is being delivered on Wednesday. We’ll spend the Fourth of July moving in, starting fresh in our new home in a new city. Yeah, I like fresh starts.


2 thoughts on “RIP, Google Reader!

  1. I never really managed to get my head around using Google Reader effectively, but I usually am very annoyed and a bit frazzled by changes like this! I am impressed with your positive take! Good luck with your fresh starts!


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