Mini Coconut Cream Pies + Brunch Plans

I’m pleased as punch that it was 45 degrees here today! After a Wisconsin winter that totally made up for last year’s freakishly warm, snow-free season, I’m more than ready for sun and warmth. I’m crossing my fingers that’ll be pleasant this weekend; S and I were invited to an Easter brunch on Sunday, and the invitation promised bocce balls if the weather agreed. We’ll see!

In the meantime, I’ve got to come up with something to bring for brunch. It’s an afternoon affair, so there won’t be any typical heavy brunch foods. I considered making mini tarts or pies, but I made some mini coconut cream pie tarts a few weekends ago when we had a friend over for afternoon tea – the same friend who’s hosting this weekend’s brunch! So I figure I can’t really use that idea again, pretty and tasty as the little pies were.


Yum yum! These were surprisingly easy to make, and they were super delicious. Definitely a recipe I’ll add to my roster! I served them with a sliced orange and a bowl of kumquats that our friend brought – the perfect accompaniments to cup after cup of freshly brewed tea.

What would you bring to a low-key, light brunch? Is it warm where you are?


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