Giveaway Winner!

With the help of good ol’, we have a winner for my cookbook giveaway!

Screenshot from the True Random Number Generator. The minimum is 1 and the maximum is twenty-one. The result is 10.

The winning comment is #10, from Dalores! I asked what you’re looking forward to in the new year, and Dalores said:

I have How it All Vegan and love it! I’m sure the others would be just as good or better. I’m excited about cooking new recipes!

Congratulations, Dalores! I’ve sent you an email, and your books will be on their way once I get your mailing address. I hope they provide lots of fun new recipes to try!

Thanks, everyone, for your comments! I quite enjoyed reading what everyone’s excited about. Lots of you are feelin’ good about delicious vegan eating – I can definitely get behind that! One commenter said she’s excited because her sister is having a baby in 2013. I’m excited for that too! (My sister’s baby, not the commenter’s sister’s baby. Although I bet that baby will be pretty cool too.) Anyway, thanks again, and happy 2013! I’ll be back soon with a post from a super special guest. Any guesses?


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