Butternut Alfredo, for Real This Time

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Last night we finally made the Roasted Butternut Alfredo that we so wholly failed to make on Sunday night. However, our dinner was not void of forgetful failures – I totally forgot to roast the Brussels sprouts I’d intended to make as a side. D’oh. Ah well – the pasta was quite filling, so we didn’t really notice the absence of a side.

Top-down view of a white bowl filled with whole-wheat fusilli drenched in an orangey-yellow sauce and topped with black pepper and roasted pumpkin seeds.


Alas, my alfredo wasn’t nearly as pretty as Isa’s. Of course, that might’ve had more to do with my hasty attempt to capture the last remaining bit of sunlight as I shivered on the balcony while photographing my meal at 6:00 PM than any fault of the recipe! That said, while this sauce was quite tasty and rich, there was something about it that wasn’t quite right to me. I think that the inclusion of miso and nutritional yeast and lemon made the flavors a little crowded – they weren’t quite cohesive. Next time I’ll likely cut the nutritional yeast. And I’m pretty sure there will be a next time – I can imagine a dish like this fitting quite well into my winter meal rotation. It’s warming and rich and filling – everything you could want in a winter dinner.

So I just realized that this is my final VeganMoFo post because I’m writing it on the 30th and it’ll go up on the 31st, which is (obviously!) the last day of October. Egads! Happy Halloween and all that. And happy end of MoFo. It’s been a mostly successful month for me if my metric is quantity of posts. As far as quality… well, I wish I’d done another Recipe Showdown, and I’m disappointed in myself for not sharing more original recipes. But that’s okay. I mostly satisfied with my participation this month. And more importantly, I don’t feel burned out, which means I’ll have no trouble keeping up with steady posting in the busy months to come. Small victories! Anyway, thanks for reading this month, and I do hope you’ll stay around. I’ve got some exciting things coming your way! I’m testing for a fabulous new cookbook by a talented author, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ll be whipping up. :)

What, if anything, are you doing for Halloween?


One thought on “Butternut Alfredo, for Real This Time

  1. I like the look of that recipe (and have a butternut squash hanging around which may well wind up in it) but the citrus strikes me as one note too many, so I’d keep the miso and nooch and lose the lemon. I’ll report back if I try it!


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