VeganMoFo 2012: Get Your MoFo On!

Orange rectangle with Vegan Month of Food: 2012 text.

Welcome, friends, to VeganMoFo 2012! Are you as excited as I am? Cuz I’m pretty damn excited!

If you’re not familiar with VeganMoFo, check out my MoFo 101 guest post over at Vegan Bloggers Unite or go visit the official MoFo blog. If you’re too lazy to do that, well, fine – basically, 500+ bloggers are participating in VeganMoFo this month, which means that we’ll all post about vegan food for at least 20 days in October. And the otherwise-non-vegan bloggers also agree not to post non-vegan food during the month. So if you’re following all of the RSS feeds, you shouldn’t see anything but animal-friendly goodness for 31 days. Woohoo!

As in years past, I’m aiming to post every single day in October. I’m slightly less prepared than last year, but more prepared than the two years before that. So… we’ll see how this goes. ;) I do have a couple of fun themes planned, with graphics and all!

Bright orange banner with the VeganMoFo fist logo and the text: "Recipe Showdown: one food item, three recipes".

Because this theme was pretty popular last year (and because they’re just plain fun), I’ll do a couple of Recipe Showdowns, where I pit three recipes for one type of food against one another and decide which one reigns supreme.

Bright orange banner with the VeganMoFo fist logo and the text: "Vegan Staples: what do vegans eat, anyway?"

If you ask an omnivore what a vegan eats, you might get a puzzled stare for an answer. Or you might get something like, “…salad? Rice and beans? Um, tofu?” And let’s be honest – we do eat those things, along with lots and lots of others. I’m going to show skeptical omnivores (and uninspired vegans!) how to make vegan staples exciting, because there’s a world of options beyond dumping plain white rice and canned black beans into a bowl and calling it dinner!

Bright orange banner with the VeganMoFo fist logo and the text: "Friday Favorites: recipes I can't stop making".

Just like last year, every Friday I’ll share one of my favorite recipes, one that I find myself making time and time again. They’ll typically be pretty simple recipes, ones that are great to keep in your arsenal for those weekday nights when you’re cranky after work and the idea of spending two hours lovingly preparing a complex dish for you and your partner makes you feel a bit murderous. Not that I’d know anything about that. ;)

Those are the three themes I have planned, but you can expect lots of other great content – product reviews, restaurant reviews, original recipes, and who knows what else! Do leave a comment if there’s anything special you’d like to see. And you can expect some better quality photos than in the past. After a year and a half of dating S and three months of living with him, I finally realized that I can totally use his DSLR for my food photography needs! Duhhh. I’m still teaching myself how to use it, so don’t expect any masterpieces just yet, but they’ll definitely be nicer than many of the photos you’ve seen in the past.

I wouldn’t feel right counting this as an official MoFo post without any actual food, so here’s a teaser of things to come this month. Feast your eyes on ready-for-the-oven pumpkin cinnamon rolls:

Glass pan with unbaked pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

Yup. :)

Are you participating in MoFo? What are you excited to see this month?


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