Welcoming Autumn (without photos of leaves, apples, or pumpkins!)

Happy autumn, my Northern Hemisphere friends! Happy spring to any Southern Hemisphere folks. :]

Time-lapse photograph showing the path of the sun and stars. A house or other building is nestled in rolling, verdant hills, but most of the photograph shows the sky, with streaks of white representing the movement of various celestial bodies.


Isn’t this a great photograph? It’s by Juan Carlos Casado, and it’s a really fantastic time-lapse photo from last year’s equinox:

This unusual time-lapse image shows the rotation of the Earth from the vantage point of Ecuador on the day of the Equinox in 2010. As the Sun passed directly overhead then sank into the west it burned a bright path across the middle of the sky in the long-exposure image. Then, as the sky darkened, the stars became visible, the Earth’s spin making them trace their own circular paths about the north and south celestial poles. This picture combines daytime and night-time photography and uses the equatorial location to show both northern and southern hemispheres of the sky together.

Pretty cool, right? Check out more gorgeous astronomy photographs here.

What are you doing to welcome autumn? I plan on baking cinnamon buns this weekend… :)


2 thoughts on “Welcoming Autumn (without photos of leaves, apples, or pumpkins!)

  1. Fall in New England = apple picking. And when there are apples, there’s applesauce, apple pie, apple crisp, and any other concoction containing sugar and cinnamon! But that’ll have to wait. This weekend will find me (if the weather cooperates!) biking down Loon Mtn. in NH:)


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