Kidney Bean Lovin’ from the Happy Herbivore Cookbook

I have a friend who hates kidney beans. I shouldn’t say that – he definitely considers them the least appealing member of the bean family, but I don’t know if he actually hates them. Something about their skin (thicker than the average bean) and their shape (internal-organy) renders them displeasing to his palate. Personally, I have no quarrel with k-beans; they’re not my favorite bean, but I usually keep a can or two in my pantry, and they’re the quintessential chili bean for me.

However, I’ll freely admit that my usage of kidney beans is fairly limited. Without consciously choosing to, I tend to only use them in Mexican-based dishes. Last night, I learned what I’ve been missing by limiting my k-bean usage, thanks to the wonderful Lindsay of Happy Herbivore fame.

This is the Rajma Masala from Lindsay’s brand spankin’ new cookbook, and it is ridiculously delicious. Lindsay describes it as “the Indian cousin to vegetarian chili,” but really I just describe it as “my new favorite dish and why the heck didn’t I double triple quadruple the recipe?!?”

That's my Fancy Platemat.

I’ve been a Happy Herbivore fan for years now, and I love that Lindsay’s recipes are always super wholesome without sacrificing any flavor. With the Rajma Masala, for example, there’s no way that anybody trying this dish would complain about the lack of added fat. The dish has a fantastic blend of flavors, and I really appreciated that it wasn’t spicy for the sake of being spicy – sure, I sniffled a few times while eating my dinner, but I could actually taste all the individual spices. Too many recipes just call for gobs of chili powder or curry powder, and then you can’t taste anything except SPICY HEAT YO! and it’s just stupid. Thankfully, that offensive heat is missing here.

So, all this is to say that the new Happy Herbivore cookbook totally lives up to the high standards of quality you’ll find in all of Lindsay’s recipes. The book itself is gorgeous – I had no idea until I received it (as a surprise late Christmas pressie from my momma!) that it’s chock-full of color photos. I’ve become accustomed to cookbooks that merely include a sad couple of pages of photos in the center, so I appreciated the plethora of pictures in this book. And, perhaps needless to say, I cannot wait to try even more delectable dishes from this newest addition to my cookbook shelf!

Anyone else have the Happy Herbivore cookbook? Any favorite HH recipes?

Whoa, I wrote up this post last week and totally forgot to post it! Fail! Since then I’ve tried even more HH recipes, and I can’t wait to blog about them!


5 thoughts on “Kidney Bean Lovin’ from the Happy Herbivore Cookbook

  1. that is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen–YOU ARE SO GIFTED. and I’m glad you liked the recipe!! WOW. why can’t that picture be in my book? it’d sell zillions of copies!

    I don’t know if you caught my post when I made this recipe in the cookbook–but short of it, i realized I didn’t have a single recipe in my cookbook FOR k-beans (LOVE that you call them that) and was determined to find a recipe that made them shine. I think this is it, glad you do too!


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