Vegan on the Go: Fast(ish) Food

And…exhale. Today I helped out on a unit full of babies and very friendly nurses and techs, but things got a little awkward around lunchtime. I wasn’t in the main hospital, and the one I was in didn’t have a cafeteria. I planned on having a snackfest for lunch, but the nurses had organized a potluck and they had TONS of food in the break room – casseroles, potato salad, sloppy joes, spaghetti, chili, [bacon-topped] baked beans, and a bajillion [admittedly delicious-looking] desserts. I’m sure you can see where this is going. After their enthusiastic encouragement that I eat up, I put some crudités and some salad on a plate and tried to hide it on my knees so they wouldn’t see my food and think I was 1.) snobby/too good for them and their food, or 2.) on a diet. Then I supplemented my veggies with an apple, pretzels, and a Larabar.

And I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those meddling… kids… nurses? I dunno. Anyway, a couple of hours later, the following conversation ensued:

Tech: You must be so hungry; you only ate lettuce for lunch! You should eat more – we have tons of food left!
Me: Ah, it’s okay, I’m actually vegan.
Tech: …vegan? I don’t know what that means.
Me: Well, I don’t eat eggs or dairy. Or meat, haha.
Tech: Ohhh! No WONDER you’re so skinny!
Me: Ehh heh heh. I think I was skinny before I was vegan…
Tech: So is it a religious thing?
Me: No, a personal thing… moral and ethical, really.
Tech: Oh, that’s cool! I should probably eat less of those things… but I love my meat! Give me chicken and turkey and I’m happy. But different types make the world go ’round!

So, really, a pretty painless “coming-out” moment. :) The tech then went out of her way to call the woman who’d made the chili to find out if it had meat (it did). She also asked if that meant I didn’t eat eggs in food. Hehe. I know I should’ve just said I was vegan when they first offered me lunch, but there were at least 6 or 7 people in the break room, and I chickened out! I just didn’t feel like dealing with the questions, y’know?

Aaanyway, after my shift ended and I finally got back to my hotel I obviously needed to make up for the lettuce lunch. I opted for… Chipotle. Heh. Whatever; it’s easy and filling. I think it’s pretty stupid to post a photo, but in the name of MoFo I’ll do it anyway.


Gee willikers, but that’s a horrid photograph! I don’t really care though. It was a deeeee-licious burrito bowl full of rice and black beans and salsa and tomato and lettuce and corn and guacamole, and now my tummy is full and happy.

Anybody have a favorite “fast food” meal? I don’t know when I last ate at a “real” fast food joint, but Chipotle is pretty fast!

How was your Saturday? I’m super tired after my shift, so I’m chillin’ with TV and the internetz. Then I’ll rest up and get ready for another day of floor support. Oy.


3 thoughts on “Vegan on the Go: Fast(ish) Food

  1. I have some of the same concerns about eating with others – that they’ll think I’m snobby or dieting. It’s so much easier when there are more choices.

    I like Chipotle too! Another place I sometimes go is Noodles and Co, not sure if those are in your area. It’s not exactly fast food either, though.


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