Attack of the Mutant Zucchini [Bread] of Doom!

Fact: Desserts baked during eXtreme weather are eXtremely good (though maybe everything tastes delicious when you’re just glad to be alive).

Last Thursday, in the midst of tornado warnings, torrential downpours, and freakishly-colored skies, did I hunker down in my building’s basement like a smart person would? If you guessed “absolutely not,” you are correct – instead, I ignored the tornado sirens and baked me up some zucchini bread. I needed to use up the obscenely large zucchinis from my garden, and teh interwebz led me to this scrumptious-looking specimen of a recipe. Despite my way-too-late realizations that 1.) my applesauce was moldy, 2.) the recipe was for 2 loaves, when really I only wanted one, and 3.) I used spaghetti squash for about half the zucchini amount, my oven spewed forth some of the most moist and delicious zucchini bread I’ve had in recent memory.

Eat me up, Scotty!

Okay, I’m gonna say that again – I used spaghetti squash in place of zucchini. And… it wasn’t really on purpose. Yeah, I know. See, I planted some spaghetti squash seeds earlier this year, but only one plant survived the transfer from its cozy potted home to the rough wilds of Wisconsin soil. But then I thought it died because I only saw zucchini growing in the area where I’d planted the spaghetti squash. Except… they weren’t regular zucchini. They were large and spherical, but with the exact same mottling as a regular ol’ zucchini. Instead of accepting the logical solution – that they were immature spaghetti squash from the plant that survived – I instead decided that they were mutant zucchinis, the perfect accompaniment to my monstrously large real-zucchinis. But they weren’t, as I discovered when I hacked one open in search of more zucchini flesh for my bread. Nope, they were straight-up spaghetti squash, just a little green on the outside. Durrr.

I just went with it, though, and guess what? You’d never guess that an imposter is hiding in the loaf or amongst the giant muffins. Nah, it’s all just one smooth, slightly spicy, moist and delicious loaf of yum.

And that, my friends, is the way I like it. :)


2 thoughts on “Attack of the Mutant Zucchini [Bread] of Doom!

  1. We never have any tornado warnings and if we get tornados, they are very mal and hit “only” a small village. But they have increased the last years.

    Funny about your spaghetti squash. It ssems to be quite common that they sneak in. My neighbour also had some and she had never seen hem before. I tell her to make zucchini bread!


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