Food Liberation and Cauliflower Mashification

You know what the greatest thing about families is? You can “liberate” anything from them, and they can’t get angry – you share (metaphorical) blood, so you just *have* to share everything else!

Nah, I jest – sharing is definitely a key part of being a family, but stealing ain’t cool (although my little sister seems to think that taking my clothes whenever she wants is totally okay). But when your family has something they underuse or don’t use at all, it’s totally fine to re-home that item, yeah? I got to do that when I was home for Easter weekend. What did I liberate, you ask?

Yeasty nutrition.

Nutritional yeast, obvs. That carton is about 4/5 full, and since my mom admitted she wouldn’t use it, we both agreed it’d be best for all involved if I liberated it from the dark confines of the pantry and took it on a permanent journey from Rhode Island to Wisconsin, where I’d be sure to give it the lovin’ it so deserves.

Yeah, I was definitely “that girl” at the airport, the one with a big ol’ carton of some weird hippie food in her carry-on. I’m just glad the good folks of the TSA didn’t decide to hand-search my bag, because at 5:30 in the morning, I certainly was not ready to explain what nutritional yeast is and why it’s awesome for vegans (or anybody, for that matter).

Awesome as nutritional yeast may be, I let my poor liberated acquisition languish in my own kitchen cupboard until last night. Then, after spending this past weekend at my best friend’s house, I came home to a nearly empty fridge. ButI did have half a cauliflower and a whole lotta nutritional yeast beggin’ to be used, so I knew something delicious was in my future – mmhmm, cheezy mashed cauliflower!

Mashed albino brains? ...yeah, I went there.

This was totally inspired by the ever-creative Miss Katie. Okay, “inspired by” may be a massive euphemism – I shamelessly stole her Monster-Mashed Cauliflower recipe and added a healthy scoop of yeasty goodness to give my mash even more savory flavor. Between the yeast, the whole-grain Dijon mustard, and the whole clove of minced raw garlic I added (I adore raw garlic!), this was a flavorful dish indeed. It could only have been better if my blender had been more inclined to, um, blend it, but instead I ended up doing most of my mashing with a fork. Whatever; it still tasted delicious.

Now, I totally would have made this recipe even if it didn’t earn me an extra six entries into Katie’s awesome shopping spree giveaway, but since it does, well, who am I to refuse? :)

Also – I am totally aware of the fact that nutritional yeast is commonly referred to as “nooch.” However, I kinda sorta hate that word, so… I don’t use it. Yes, I am a word snob. Suggestions for a less awful nickname and/or abbreviation, anyone? Or righteous indignation and defense of its usage, perhaps? Or, I dunno, general praise or hateration for nutritional yeast? Tell me what you’re thinkin’!


4 thoughts on “Food Liberation and Cauliflower Mashification

  1. I really want to start trying to cook with nutritional yeast! I’m glad that you posted this because I have been really scared to try it. I’ve stayed clear of a couple recipes that use it so far because I was a bit afraid of it. That looks absolutely delicious, though!


  2. Hey Kelly–
    Thanks so much for entering the stevia giveaway! Sorry about the front page vs. comment page confusion–BlogHer requires that we put contests/giveaways on another page. But I would have counted your entry anyway! :)


  3. New here – lovely place you have! I’m from the suburbs of Chicago and I enjoyed reading about your Chicago adventures. I’m going to Karyn’s on Green tomorrow *excitement* ! I have never been to Karyn’s Cooked, but I definitely will have to try those flautas when I do (one of my favorite mexican, but never vegan, dishes). Anyway, back to this post. As a newer vegan (just 5 months now), “nooch” is fairly new to me. When I started blogging last year and saw it referred to as nooch on all the vegan blogs I was so confused, what the heck is that?? When I bought my first tub in the fall I got that same one from Whole Foods that you have (finally almost gone). Then I read an entry on Choc Covered Katie’s blog, which I see you read too, about making sure that you buy fortified nutritional yeast (has B-12 and also more protein). Turns out Whole Foods brand isnt fortified, boo! Or least not the tub I bought. Anyway, thought I would point it out to you for the next time you buy some in case you hadn’t read that. Sorry for the mega long comment, I’ve added you to my reader, I’ll be back!


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