Scores o’ Scones

Do you ever set out to bake/make something, and you just know in your heart and/or tummy that it’s going to be delicious, but then when it’s done it’s actually even more delicious than you’d anticipated? I dooo! My latest better-than-anticipated treats were the scones from Vegan Brunch. Man, I don’t know what it is about these little guys that tickles my fancy so darn much, but I can’t get enough of ’em! Maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t substitute a low-fat alternative for the shortening, or perhaps the almond milk I used added a little extra somethin’-somethin’, but these scones are seriously ace. I love the haphazard shapes that form from dropping dough on a cookie sheet:

An apple-cinnamon lovely.

In the interest of Using Up Things, I made two varieties. I chopped up a mealy Braeburn and threw it into the larger portion of the dough to create some really lovely apple-cinnamon scones, and then I used up the remainder of a bag of chocolate chips in the rest of the dough. Although I’m usually all about the chocolate, the apple-cinnamon variety really captured my heart. They are just perfect with a cup of tea, with their tender little crumbs and soft, moist innards. I think that, maybe, “traditional” (whatever that means) scones are meant to be triangular and a bit drier than these (like the orange glazed variety from VWAV), but I have a soft spot for moist baked goods (to the extent that I get giddy about desserts that border on the underbaked), so these are a delight to me.

I will say, though, that for someone who is used to eating lower-fat baked goods, the higher fat content in these scones leaves a noticeable strange coating in my mouth, and it’s not entirely pleasant. It was a bit surprising to me when I first noticed it, I must say. But it’s certainly not a dealbreaker, and if you’re used to full-fat baked goods, I doubt you’d even think twice about it.

I think I now have a new “impress the omnis!” teatime recipe. Hooray!


4 thoughts on “Scores o’ Scones

  1. I have this cookbook and keep looking at those scones… and then putting them off because they look like too much work! Perhaps I should suck it up and just give them a try though :)


  2. I haven’t made those scones yet! but your scone certainly looks good, mmm. I’ve never noticed that effect of full-fat baked goods you mention, but now I’d like to make a low-fat and a full-fat version of recipes and compare the two…


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