Stuff That Makes Me Happy: Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Coconut Bliss

As much as I love your average, everyday vegan eats that I prepare on my own (tofu! sweet potatoes! cupcakes!), there are some pre-made products that just make life a little bit easier – and a little tastier. So here’s the first of my “Stuff That Makes Me Happy” product reviews, wherein I’ll sing the praises of vegan products that, well, make me happy! First up is Coconut Bliss frozen dessert, because I just polished off my first pint of this sucker and it deserves a little love.

Before I get to the good bits, I’ll be honest – the $5.99/pint price tag doesn’t actually make me happy. But I was lucky enough to comment first on a Coconut Bliss blog post, and the lovely people at Luna and Larry’s sent me a fabulous Coconut Bliss t-shirt, a couple of stickers with their logo, some literature on their products, AND a coupon for a free pint of their ice cream! Now, that makes me happy, as does the organic, dairy-free, and soy-free ingredient list.

I used my coupon to pick up a pint of Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge, and, well, yeah. Holy yum. This is decadence in a carton, folks. It has the slightest hint of coconut flavor, which I think works well as a base for the chocolate. The hazelnuts add a fun textural change to your ice cream experience, although I think my pint could’ve used a little more fudge. My only other [eensy-weensy, super-tiny] complaint is that I wish the ice cream were just a bit creamier, but I may be spoiled because the last dairy ice cream I ate was gelato… in Italy. So. Yeah. Take that minor complaint with a [big, gigantic, humongous] grain of salt.

The only shortcoming of this ice cream is its nutritional profile. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty dismal in the fat department. Whereas most soy-based ice creams only contain a few grams of fat, coconut milk-based ice creams are extremely rich and contain large amounts of saturated fats. Although the folks at Coconut Bliss address this on their website and explain why coconut-based fats are at least somewhat healthier than animal fats, the fact that one 1/2 cup serving of Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge contains 10g of saturated fat and 16g of total fat is just a little frightening. To be clear, I don’t worry about fat content for weight purposes; I just know that diets low in saturated and total fat are, well, a heck of a lot healthier than those containing lots of fats.

In the end, though, I believe that it’s a matter of moderation. I don’t eat much fat on a day-to-day basis, and if I want to splurge and have a serving of Coconut Bliss every once in a while, I’m damn well going to do it, and I’m going to feel fine about it. I’m treating it like, well, a treat, especially since it’s so rich that I can’t eat much at a time (even when I was a kid, foods high in fat made me feel sick). I’ve made the pint last for at least three weeks now, which is really quite impressive. When I do have a helping, I make sure to savor it – no mindless eating here! I pay full attention to each spoonful, enjoying the flavors and textures. And that, my friends, makes me very happy indeed. :)

(“Photos” aren’t mine, obviously. I found them from Google Images; I imagine they’re from the Coconut Bliss website originally.)


10 thoughts on “Stuff That Makes Me Happy: Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Coconut Bliss

  1. Hiya! Thanks for stopping by my (other) blog. I thought I’d stop by yours, and… OMG OMG OMG! I just heard about this stuff for the first time on like Wednesday! And I cannot believe I haven’t seen it before, because I am a total ice creme fiend. I am also addicted to anything hazelnut-chocolate, so this sounds like my heaven. And I know it’s available in my area – the girl I heard about it from lives in Brooklyn! So yes, I do believe I may have to go on a mission. A delicious, delicious mission…


  2. I’ve yet to try Coconut Bliss, but I’m still kicking myself about not picking up a freezer full when I found it half off a few months back. I think I NEED this Hazelnut Fudge…


  3. If you like this, you’ll LOVE Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream. The Mocha Almond Fudge is superb, and it’s so creamy, you don’t have to let it sit on your counter for 10 minutes before you can eat it.


  4. Hey ya’ll:

    Thanks for the shouts out! We love your support (and appreciate it). We look forward to you all checking out our big giveaway event:
    We’ll be giving away Coconut Bliss parties in a box… there are less entries than you might think: it’ll end in a few days, so you have a good chance to be one of the 50 we pick.

    ALL saturated fats got a bad rap about 15 years ago. Recently, people have noticed big differences between other saturated fats & Coconut milk
    -it’s a MCT (medium chain triglyceride), so it’s easier to digest/metabolize–it’s a fuel fat that you’ll use.
    And you can have a dietician/nutritionist weigh in on this, also.
    peace and blissings, :)
    -Vince Da Blisser
    from the Coconut Bliss Mothership/HQ, Eugene, OR


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