Deliveries & Delicacies

Yesterday, the UPS truck drove up to my house. As my little doggies reached epic levels of barking frenzy, the delivery man deposited this innocent-looking package on my front step.

A mystery!

Hmm, what could it be?


Aha! Of course – it’s the spiralizer I won from Katie‘s contest a few weeks ago! Just look at this lovely little lady.

Pretty girl.

Ain’t she a beaut’?

Alas, I haven’t yet broken in my new friend yet. She arrived yesterday just before dinnertime, and as my dear daddy was already making a delicious dinner feast, I didn’t want to usurp his role as top chef for the night. But rest assured that some super spiralized meals while be making their way onto my little blog in the very near future!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a quick photo from this morning’s breakfast. After spending a wonderful week with my boyfriend, best friend, and another close friend from college, I’m in a bit of a funk now that they’ve left. What better way to cheer myself up than by making french toast and dousing them in locally-made maple syrup?!

French yum!

Yum. While this tasty breakfast didn’t quite salve my saddened heart, it definitely helped to ease my woes. My visiting aunt and uncle – who are both vegan! – have never made vegan french toast before and were amazed by how “real” it looked. I’ll have to share the VWaV recipe with them in the future. :)


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