Small-Bite Sundays: July 2, 2017

Small-Bite Sundays

Ugh. That’s all I can say about this week. I was beset by a mystery stomach ailment that manifested Wednesday night with terrible pain — I could barely walk straight! Since then it’s returned without warning a few times, although less acutely. I wasn’t exactly nauseated, but I didn’t feel much like eating. (Don’t worry, I forced myself to do so.) It was time for my physical anyway, so I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for later this month.

Neil the dogBoring illnesses aside, it’s been a relaxing Fourth of July weekend. Note that I didn’t say long weekend… I don’t have Monday (the third) off, alas. Kind of odd to have a Tuesday off for a holiday, but I’ll take it. We’re dogsitting sweet and spirited Neil (see left) till Wednesday — which we do every year while his parents hit the beach for the Fourth — and it’s nice to have two puppers in the house again. :) Mostly I’ve been spending the past few days embroidering fresh feminist and vegan-friendly designs for my Etsy shop and re(rererere)reading Harry Potter.  Not a bad way to spend a weekend, right? Anyway! On to the bites.

Small bites: to read

This long read on the comparisons between the Nixon and Trump presidencies, and why — in this writer’s view — the Trump administration will follow a similar path of self-destruction. As horrifying as this administration’s slide towards authoritarianism is, it’s also morbidly fascinating. In this New York Magazine story, Frank Rich draws parallels between both the two presidents’ White Houses and their actions, and suggests that Trump’s failure to learn (or care about) U.S. history means he’s doomed to repeat it. Rich also draws a parallel between the two presidents’ characters. The similarities are a bit uncanny:

“No matter what success he achieved, as Drew wrote, Nixon “never lost his resentments” or “his desire for revenge.” Success also failed to tame his kleptomaniacal tendencies; he was caught using government funds to pay for luxurious improvements to his private residences in Key Biscayne, Florida, and San Clemente, California, and manipulating his tax bill to near zero even as he became a millionaire in office. (Like Trump, he gave virtually nothing to charity.)”

This reminded me that not everything that’s happening now is quite as new and unprecedented as we think it is. So many of the tactics in Trump’s playbook (as much as he has one; I’m not convinced he’s strategic enough to plan all this in advance) seem taken directly from the Nixon era, from discrediting the “eastern media conspiracy,” as Nixon called it in the 70s, to his ridicule of public servants, to his updated (yet equally disgusting) Islam-centric version of the despicable southern strategy. Here’s hoping this administration implodes before it can do any (more) real and lasting damage, both in the States and abroad.

Small bites: to watch

Steven and I watched It Follows a few days ago, and we enjoyed this smart horror film with an indie aesthetic. I won’t give away the creep-o-riffic premise, but you’ll find yourself thinking up ways to outsmart the monster as you watch.

Small bites: to eat

Meh! My appetite is finally back after my mystery mid-week ailment, but I haven’t been eating too creatively. Trying to gorge myself on fresh summer veggies to temper the increased amounts of ice cream I’m also consuming. Speaking of which — did you see that Häagen-Dazs is now offering vegan ice cream?! I’m so fascinated by how quickly all these mainstream dairy brands (Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers) are jumping on the dairy-free train. I know that some vegans don’t want to buy anything from these companies, based on the argument that they’re still lining the pockets of an industry that is immensely cruel, and I respect that position. But we live in a capitalist society, and demand drives supply. So I’m going to buy these non-dairy options to show that the market is there, and to encourage these companies to reduce their dairy-based products in favor of more humane ones. (Don’t worry, I still support (and usually prefer) 100% vegan companies too!)

Watermelon basilTonight we hit up Paladar Latin Kitchen to grab drinks (plus chips and guac!) with a few friends. This watermelon-basil margarita hit the spot on a hot day, especially after my “I don’t want to eat or drink anything!” week. (The fact that we accidentally arrived during happy hour certainly didn’t hurt.) I followed it up with a white sangria, which featured lots of fresh mango. Summery perfection. Plus, we sat outdoors and got to see lots of adorable doggos hanging on the patio with their parents.


Well. Not the most exciting Sunday. :) Have you read, watched, or ate anything great lately?