Simplicity Sunday: Roasted Delicata Squash Circles

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Squash and I have never had a perfectly amiable relationship. My child-self didn’t enjoy eating sweet foods for meals that should feature savory items, and I also had  problems with squash’s stringy, squishy texture. Throughout the years I’ve grown much fonder of squash, and I’ve enjoyed trying the many varieties that exist. But, until this week, I’d never tried delicata squash. What a shame, too, because one taste convinced me that it’s easily one of the most delicious and easy to prepare squashes I’ve encountered.

A plate with a stack of roasted squash slices, cut widthwise and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Slice circle.

I’d purchased a delicata squash just days before Kittee serendipitously posted about delicata squash circles, a ridiculously easy way to prepare this squash. I tossed my hollowed-out circles with melted coconut oil, sweet curry powder, salt, and a generous teaspoon of brown sugar. After 20 minutes of roasting, I had a stack of sweet, delicious circles waiting to find their way into my hungry mouth.

Close-up of the squash circles.

Ready for your close-up?

Oh my goodness. These were so sweet and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, with just a hint of curry flavor complementing the caramelized brown sugar. Kittee wasn’t kidding when she talked about popping these like Pez; I couldn’t believe how tasty they were. And the best part? You can eat the skins (assuming your squash is organic, of course)! And you can roast the seeds for a quick, healthy snack. I tossed mine in the leftover coconut oil-curry mixture, and they’re really tasty.

Another close-up.


Needless to say, delicata squash has now gained a permanent place in my dinner rotation. I’m so glad I tried one!

What’s your favorite variety of squash? How do you prepare delicata squash?

Simplicity Sunday: Maple-Glazed Roasted Root Vegetables

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Happy Sunday, everyone. It’s a breezy, warm early-autumn day here in Madison, one that makes me want to do nothing more than sit on my bed with my puppy, reading a book while the early afternoon sunlight streams in around me. Laboring in the kitchen to prepare an elaborate lunch didn’t appeal to me at all today, so I kept it simple.

A metal bowl half-filled with chunks of colorful, cubed vegetables.

Colorful veggies.

I chopped up some root vegetables (two golden beets, one scarlet turnip, one large carrot, and one Yukon gold potato) and drizzled them with some olive oil, maple syrup, powdered ginger, and a sprinkle of salt. I roasted them for a good 35 minutes until they were tender and the maple syrup had caramelized a bit. Then, I enjoyed a humble, tasty, little-effort lunch.

Close-up of a small bowl of roasted vegetables. Some of them are blackened and crispy thanks to the caramelized maple syrup.


The maple syrup and ginger provided just a hint of sweetness, but the veggies held their own. The creamy, neutral-flavored potatoes contrasted nicely with the slightly tangy turnips, while the beets and carrots provided a sweet counterpoint. And the entire meal was beautifully colored and cheery.

I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed my lunch, however. While I was out of the room, Moria snuck in to lick the bowl clean.

Close-up of Moria's face, which is bent down into an empty bowl. Her eyes are obscured by her facial fur, but you can see her pink tongue licking a spoon.

Cleaning my dishes?

Unluckily for her, I’d already finished the veggies, so all she got was the leftover sweet, maple glaze. On second thought, maybe that was lucky for her. :)

What did you eat for lunch today? What’s your favorite method for roasting veggies?