Search Term Hilarity (or, This is a Filler Post)

As y’all know if you read my blog fairly regularly, I’m in the process of relocating from Rhode Island to Madison, Wisconsin. Right now I’m actually quite literally relocating, so I’m trying out WordPress’s autopost feature so I can have an update while I get settled in my brandy new apartment. I’m warning you, though, this is all fluff. But it’s fun fluff! Really!

…it’s okay, I’ll understand if you don’t want to keep reading. I’ll be back soon with REAL FOOD from my REAL KITCHEN. Yeehaw! In the meantime, enjoy the fluff.

Search Term Hilarity! (or, Come On, You Know Your Google History is Equally Ridiculous)

I know that in the grand scheme of vegan blogging, my little blog is barely a blip when compared to some of the big-name bloggers on the scene. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get some amusing search terms that lead to my blog! I love checking them every so often, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorites to share with y’all. Who knows – maybe you’ll recognize one as your own! Then you’ll be fAmOuS! Well… not really. Anyway, here we go!

1. sesame seaweed rice balls – Ridiculously enough, this is my most popular search term! Geeze, you review some cheap-arse TJ’s sale item once and suddenly your blog is a hotspot for ball-lovers. Oy.

2. photoshop to wordpress “mac” – Yeah, I use a “Mac,” and it’s pretty “awesome.” Sometimes I use “Photoshop” to “create” randomillustrations.”

3. eating chocolate makes me happy – Me too, dear reader. Me too.

4. how to make kelltle corn toppping – How about, “how to spell?” Might be a more valuable search for you. Although kettle corn is freakin’ delicious, so maybe the thought of making it addled your orthography skillz. Maybe. Wait, how did THREE people spell this the exact same way?! Or was it one person searching three times and never learning how to spell? Wahhh.

5. science the vegga girl body – Am I “the vegga girl”?!? And, um, ain’t no science here – I be an English major, yo!

6. tempt hemp milk sucks – YOU suck. Tempt is yum. Fool!

7. why apples in autumn? – Um, why not?!

8. who makes bliss – YOU MAKE BLISS! But so does eating coconut-based ice cream.

9. cookies not done well – How dare you. My cookies are ALWAYS done well.

10. potatoes corn beans – I’ll take, “Ingredients in Sweet Potato, Corn, & Black Bean Burritos” for $1000, Alex!

11. o o o you know what im talkin about – O o o, no I don’t.

12. traditional cupcakes picture – Ain’t nothin’ traditional about my fun Halloween cupcakes, dude!

13. what is squash quartered – Okay, I know this is difficult, but it is – wait for it – a squash… cut into quarters. BRAIN!SPLOSION AGHHH.

14. you are beautiful mirror – Either someone’s got a pretty attractive mirror or someone else has invented a mirror that tells your reflection that it’s beautiful (which would be pretty awesome). Or, um, maybe it’s just got somethin’ to do with Operation Beautiful.

15. vega vegan blog spiralizer kelly / la vida vegga / kelly vegga – OMGOMGOMG IF ANY OF YOU WERE ACTUALLY SEARCHING FOR ME THEN I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER CUZ NOW I FEEL FAMOUS. If not, disregard this message.

And that’s all for this edition of Search Term Hilarity! We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled – and delicious – programming soon. Ciao, friends!


Happy, Happy, Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! To the rest of you, happy Thursday – I hope it’s excellent.

I’m posting at quarter past midnight after spending a wonderful evening baking with my mom and sister and then playing a fun new game (San Juan) with my parents and brother. Now I’m going to do a little more packing (I move in a week! EEK!) and then head to bed to rest up for the big day tomorrow. Here’s a little peek at the scene in the kitchen this evening:

Cavorting in the kitchen?!

Rhiannon takes a break from her celery-chopping duties and pretends to down some nutmeg while I whip up a pumpkin pie and look skeptical… silly sisters!

I thought about making a big, photo-filled “I’m Thankful For XYZ” post today, but instead I’ll keep it simple. I’m thankful for a supportive, loving family; for wonderful, loyal friends (both bloggy friends and “real life” friends!); for my two sweet doggies (you’ll meet them soon!); for the fact that I am soon going to be starting a great new job in the middle of an economic slump; and finally, for the simple fact that I am able to celebrate Thanksgiving in comfort.

With that, I’ll end this post. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, the one day when overeating is practically requisite. ;) Enjoy!