Pantry Decimation 2.0

I really like the bulk aisle at my co-op.

Seriously. I really, really like it. So much so that my pantry has gotten into a rather alarming state; it’s packed with re-used glass jars filled with beans, grains, and all sorts of dry goods. And let it be known that my pantry has some deep shelves.

It’s a little out of control.

So, with the intent of actually consuming the staples I’ve been essentially hoarding, I’m trying to make meals that use up those staples and only require purchasing fruits and veggies. It’s actually been quite successful, and I’ve enjoyed seeing S try various grains for the first time (kasha! wheat berries! black rice!). Plus, it’s frugal!

Of course (this is me, after all), I’ve been pretty bad when it comes to taking photos. So you don’t get to see the delicious black rice and sweet potato dish I made, or the creamy, delicious broccoli polenta we had for dinner last night.

But you can see this photo of my quinoa “fried rice,” inspired by Jenna’s non-vegan version.


My version featured purple cabbage, minced garlic, crumbled marinated tofu, diced green onion, black sesame seeds, and lots of flavorful sauces – ume plum vinegar, hoisin sauce, low-sodium tamari, and mirin, to name a few. (Incidentally, our “sauce and oil” cupboard is nearly as full as the grain-and-bean pantry shelf.)

Quinoa is a lovely stand-in for rice in a simple stir fry. If you haven’t tried it, you should. In the meantime, I’ve got a whole lot of grains to use up, so feel free to share your favorite recipes for black rice, amaranth, Israeli cous cous, and bulgur. ;)