I’m as corny as HOMEMADE KETTLE CORN in October!

I’m squeaking by with an hour to spare on my Friday MoFo post; I spent an extended amount of time retrieving my siblings from their various colleges tonight and now I want to go hang out with them, but I’m popping in to make one very important statement: the kettle corn recipe from Joy the Baker is frickin’ amazing. Here’s a crappy picture that doesn’t at all do this recipe justice; you’re just going to have to trust me on this one.


HOLY YUM, BATMAN. After citing kettle corn as my favorite “topping” for popcorn while filling out that MoFo survey, I kinda sorta started craving the delicious stuff. So when I found this recipe, I knew I had to try it. I expected the results to be tasty but nowhere near as good as the stuff you buy for ridiculous amounts of money at street fairs or Waterfire, but guess what? It was TOTALLY as good as that bagged crap. Like, I-want-to-stuff-my-face-until-my-tummy-bursts good. Umm, hello, new favorite! And I loved making popcorn on the stove. We usually use an air popper, so it was fun to have this hands-on experience. Plus, you get to adjust the proportions of this recipe and can tailor the sugar/salt ratio to your personal preference! I enjoyed a big bowl of this while watching Jim & Pam’s wedding on The Office last night. What a perfect combination.

And with that, I’m out like a powder blue polyester leisure suit. Peace!

(P.S. Please forgive the stupid title of this post; I’m feelin’ a little hyper right now.)