What I Ate (or, drank) in Italy

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Hello, all! I’ve returned from Italy, but you’ll have to wait for a big food recap post. Instead, here is a one-photo summary of my Italian eats:

A bottle of red wine next to a small mason jar filled with wine.

Heh heh.

Yes, that is grocery store wine from a mason jar. Yes, I’m joking; that’s not all I ate in Italy, but I surely did enjoy the wine! :) I’ll be back with more soon.

Mambo Italiano

Three days ago, I said arrivederci to Italy and headed back to the US of A. I spent an amazing week in Rome with a two day Florentine interlude in the middle, and I think I’m officially besotted with the country. Florence especially captured my heart; the Duomo is quite possibly the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen, and the view from the top is utterly breathtaking.

I could spend hours typing up detailed descriptions of everything I did and saw, but I’m not going to do that. I may be an English major, but I know that sometimes pictures really speak volumes (see what I did there, messin’ with your aphorisms?), so I’m going to keep it simple. Here are 20 minimally-captioned photos showing you what we did on our Roman holiday.

Busts, busts, and more busts.
We admired art – frescoes and paintings and statues, ancient and not-so-ancient.

Oh really?
We laughed at unintentionally amusing sign placement.

Stairs, stairs, and more stairs.
We climbed seemingly interminable staircases to reach tiny cupolas atop huge domes.

In vino veritas?
We toasted time well spent and company well kept.

The Arno.
We admired storybook views.

We boggled at the ubiquity of pizza and panini shops.

We savored the simple joy of an afternoon nap.

Duomo doors.
We felt humbled by the beauty and grandeur around us.

Sister love.
We climbed more stairs to see even more amazing views.

We discovered the change in family dynamics that accompanies growing up.

Lining up for the Uffizi.
We waited in more lines for a chance to see more breathtaking artwork.

We caught glimpses of the past in the ruins of today.

Romantic poets, anyone?
We found surprises that made our [my] literary hearts glow with delight.

We bickered and lost our tempers and had moments of familial bliss.

The neverending Appian Way.
We posed for far too many photos.

We walked until our feet were sore and swollen, and then we walked some more.

Fountain bliss.
We took time to stop and enjoy the serenity of a summer afternoon in a beautiful park.

Cold hands.
We learned to appreciate water fountains.

Surprise performance at the Trevi Fountain.
We were delighted by the serendipity of stumbling onto a free opera performance on our last night.

Colosseum at night.
And we enjoyed one last bella notte before saying goodbye.

Even though I forgot to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, I know I’ll be back to Italy one day – I left too many museums unvisited and too many bottles of wine undrunk. ;)