Halloween Snackin’ | VeganMoFo 2017 Day Thirty-One

VeganMoFo 2017

Week Four: Entertaining
Halloween – Try not to scare us too much with your spookiest dish.

Hallelujah, it’s Halloween! Or, more accurately: Hallelujah, it’s the last day of VeganMoFo — a fact for which I’m embarrassingly thankful. Man, this has been a tough month. While I wouldn’t say I’ve been phoning it in, per se, I definitely haven’t given 100% this year. Seven new recipes, a few half-recipes/half-templates, and a bunch of round-up posts would be quite (!) productive for a normal month, but are maybe a little lackluster for VeganMoFo. Next year, I think I’ll come up with my own theme. It’ll give me more time to prepare and free me from the prompts that didn’t inspire me. Hindsight!

Anyway, on to Halloween. I didn’t dress up this year, for a variety of reasons, but I did get to enjoy a whole lot of treats at work. An enterprising new employee arranged a staff party, complete with be-costumed dogs and a vegan potluck! (Perks of working for an animal welfare organization.) I wanted to snap a few photos of the spread, but the room was dim (you know, to enhance the the spookiness) so here’s a photo of my plate instead.

Plate o' Halloween snacksThat vegan buffalo chicken dip on the right might be a bit visually unappealing, but it was insanely good! Rich, creamy, and a total indulgence, but yummy with celery dippers. I also loved the mini Almond Joy bites on the top left. And I wish I’d gotten a photo of that orange cake — one of our talented coworkers made a vanilla cake decorated with orange frosting and black piped spiders and spiderwebs. She also made a chocolate cake frosted to look like a gravestone.

What did I contribute to this massive table of vegan treats? Absolutely nothing. Frankly, my reserves for non-essential cooking are at an all-time low. (And actually, Steven has taken over the essential cooking to give me a break.) Plus, we were downtown last night at a panel discussion on the changing face of American journalism, and we didn’t get back till nearly 10pm. No time to whip up anything! I usually always contribute to potlucks and other group meals, so I didn’t feel bad not doing so this time. Instead, I just enjoyed the food.

And with that, I bid adieu to VeganMoFo 2017. Time to hand out vegan lollipops to the trick-or-treaters!


Adios, MoFo: Ghosts of Halloween Past and Cupcakes of Halloween Present

Happy Halloween, blogpals! I wish I were a kid, because it’s 70 degrees today – perfect trick-or-treating weather! All the neighborhood kidlets will be able to gather their candy without having to hide their costumes behind icky winter coats. Awesome.

Before I move on to the Halloween fun, I just want to do a little MoFo wrap-up. This has truly been an amazing month. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my first month as a vegan! To everyone who participated, read posts, and left comments, thank you so much for your support. I can’t tell you how much it means to me! The vegan community is amazing, and I felt so welcomed during this month. Your support helped me to post every single day this month. THANK YOU! See the end of this post for an exciting announcement – you’ve all given so much to me, so now I’m giving something back!

Now for the fun. This year, I’m celebrating Halloween in true MoFo style – I baked and decorated a lovely batch of Halloween-themed cupcakes. I was intending to share them with all my little cousins tonight, but a bunch of them are sick and they’ve decided not to gather so as to prevent the further spread of germs. :( Oh well; I’m sure I’ll find someone to share them with! I made a batch each of the Golden Vanilla and the Basic Chocolate cupcakes from VCTOTW, and decorated them in a variety of styles.

First up is Mr. Pumpkinhead. Isn't he cute?

I hope you're not scared of spiders...

All hail the Pumpkin King - it's Jack Skellington!

And here’s the whole gang (minus their less-than-photogenic pals, who will soon find a home in my tummy).

All together, now.

I also finally got to use my new Halloween mini-cake pans! They make cute little ghosts and pumpkins.

I think they're a little scared of Yorick...

And here I am with my creations.

Do you like my Jack Skellington earrings? ;)

I may have to make cupcake baking a new Halloween tradition! I’m breaking with old traditions this year – I’m not dressing up. This is my first costume-less Halloween ever! I know, I know, that’s horrible, especially because I absolutely love costumes! But this year I just felt like taking a break from the partying and dressing up craziness. I politely declined a few invitations, so for the first time ever I’ll be staying home and handing out candy to the kids. It’s a far cry from the past four years of college Halloween fun, but I’m okay with that. Next year I’ll be in Madison – which is supposed to be absolutely insane for Halloween – and I’m sure I’ll be up for crazy costuming once more. In the meantime, here’s a little collage of my costumes from previous years. They’re not all from Halloween, but I think they illustrate my love of dressing up. We’ve got some Lord of the Rings, some Harry Potter, some Nightmare Before Christmas, a zombie witch doctor, and a Goth Detective front and center (if you get that reference, I think I love you), among other things. :)

I may or may not be holding a huge bottle of vodka in the center photo.

Happy Halloween, friends! Be safe and have fun. Also, MoFo may be over, but the fun sure isn’t. Check back tomorrow for my first ever GIVEAWAY! Yay!

P.S. If I were dressing up this year, I’d definitely be one of the girls from Subtle Sexuality. ;) Office love!