Crafting for Teddy

Remember my little post-script at the end of my previous post, where I said I’d be in Rhode Island this weekend? Well, I’m here right now, at this very moment! (Thanks, pre-scheduled posts!) I’m not here to celebrate my birthday a week early, to escape from the never-ending snow in Madison, or even just to eat a yummy vegan brunch at Julian’s. No, I’m in the Ocean State to meet the most special little man in my life – my brand-new nephew, Theodore. (I posted about my sister’s baby shower a while back, if you’ll recall!)

I’ve been itching to wrap my arms around the little sprout ever since he made his debut a few minutes after midnight on February 28th. But with plane tickets already purchased for March 8th (my sister’s original due date), I had to wait a whole entire week. It was tortuous. I spent some of my time working on homemade gifts for the little man, including this nature-themed embroidered bib:

Hand-embroidered baby bib. It has images of little birds, a bumblebee, a hedgehog, and trees, along with the name

Ready for spit-up and breast milk and all sorts of yummy messes!

Embroidering is my newest hobby; I picked it up a little over a year ago and I really love it. The patterns at Sublime Stitching bring embroidery to the 21st century – after all, their motto is “This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery!” But even grandmas would approve of the sweet little hedgehog and those pudgy birds, don’t you think?

Speaking of pudgy, I also whipped up this plump piggy:

Round knitted pink pig with big triangle ears.

Lil pink pig.

I’ve been a knitter for years and years, but this was my first stuffed animal! It’s hard to get a sense of scale from that picture, but he’s nearly a foot long from snout to curly tail. I used a pattern that I purchased on Ravelry, and it was fun to learn short-row shaping for this project. Isn’t he just the cutest? I used a cotton-acrylic blend, and it’s perfectly soft and cuddly.

As I write this, I’m a little over 24 hours away from snuggling my tiny nephew for the first time. By the time you read this, I’ll have met him and fallen totally in love. Well… who am I kidding; I’m already in love! You can bet that I’ll have some photos to share when I return. I intend to snap lots and lots of pictures in the rare moments when I’m not cuddling Teddy. :)

Any new babies in your life recently? What craft projects are you working on?

The Post-Holiday Rambling Rundown: Part 3, All I Want for Christmas is KNITWEAR!

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you probably don’t know that approximately 78.536% of my Tweets are about knitting. I’m kind of addicted to knitting – if you were to become a creeptastic stalker and spy on me at around 8:00 PM on nearly any weeknight, you’d find me sitting on my couch or on my bed, watching something on DVD (more than likely Doctor Who), and knitting away. I swear I have a social life; I just cherish (and, truthfully, need) lots of alone time – I’m an introvert; what can I say. Watching nerdy TV shows while knitting is a little slice of heaven; if I could figure out how to read and knit simultaneously, I’d probably go into throes of ecstasy a la Saint Theresa (pardon my blasphemy).

Oh Bernini, you slay me.

Anyway, despite this mad knitting, I rarely ever knit anything for myself – I’ve always got tons of projects lined up for friends and family, for holidays and birthdays and just because they’re worth it. Case in point: Christmas. I decided to knit everyone in my immediate family something, and I was so gratified and happy when they all opened their gifts on Christmas morning and enjoyed and appreciated the articles I’d made especially for them. I know some of you are knitters or crafters, so I thought I’d share my Christmas knitting with y’all. :) If you’re on Ravelry, the links take you to the patterns there. And if you’re a Raveler, you should add me as a friend!

First up: My sister goes to school in Syracuse, so she and I both require lots of winterwear. Because she’s the bees’ knees, I made her the Entwined scarf, which is a garter stitch scarf with BUILT-IN FINGERLESS MITTS – how awesome is that?! I used Tatamy Tweed Worsted in Jungle Vine, and I loooved the yarn and the pattern both. Here’s me being silly in my pre-Christmas photoshoot for Ravelry (I’m not really this yellow… ick):


And here’s my oh-so-gangsta gangsta sissy on Christmas (dunno why this photo is all squished):


Next, I used this Basic Men’s Mittens pattern to work up two pairs of mittens, one for my dad and one for my brother, using Vanna’s Choice yarn (don’t judge). For my dad, I went for simple, classic heather grey:

Manly mittens?

He seemed to like them:


For my brother’s pair, I used the official colors of his fraternity – I knit the mittens in purple, and used double-stitching to add the Greek letters of his fraternity in gold. I had a little trouble deciding on the placement of the letters – should someone looking at them be able to read them? Should he be able to read them while looking down at his hands?! This is what I came up with:

This is a little dark... :(

And then, for my mommy dearest, I made a scarflet – she’s always cold, but who wants to wear a full-on scarf all day long? Enter the Mustard Scarf! I also used Tatamy Tweed for this project, this time in the lovely Sea Blue. I made the button from bronze polymer clay, too. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of this one on Christmas morning, so I only have the Ravelry photo of this one:

Why do I look so glum?!

Finally, I just have to share one of my most favorite things I’ve made in the past year – Rose’s Wrist Warmers, based on the wrist warmers Rose wears in the ridiculously heart-wrenching Doomsday episode of Doctor Who. I made these for my bestest friend (though I’m modeling them here):

Purply prettiness.

ISN’T THAT A FREAKIN’ GORGEOUS PATTERN?! It was a bit of a pain (lots of cables, so it’s not mindless knitting), but totally worth it. :)

Yeah! Knitting! This is by no means an exhaustive compilation of the knitted items I’ve given away in the past year (dishcloths are sorta boring, y’know?), but these are definitely some of my favorites. Hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-tour of my FOs… I love seeing what other people are working on, so I figured it was time I shared, too. :)

Do you knit? If so, what’ve you knit lately? What’s on your needles now? I’m working on a belated gift for my BFF – I’ll show you when I’m finished!

Cute&Crafty Alert: Chirp Cards!

Three things I love, in no particular order:

1. Veganism/being vegan/vegans in general
2. Craftiness and all things DIY
3. Giveaways (more specifically, winning giveaways)

With that in mind, I ask you this: what could possibly be more up my vegan alley than winning a giveaway of two adorable, crafty cards handmade by a fellow vegan? Yeah, that’s what I thought – nada! I was absolutely tickled pink when I won Celine‘s giveaway last weekend. She graciously purchased two cards of my choice from Amy‘s brand spankin’ new Etsy store, Chirp Cards. I chose the Little Pink Piggy and Night Owls cards, because really, who can resist pigs and owls?! Not this girl.

Just look at that adorable lil pig with his adorable lil apple core!

Amy sent the cards post-haste, all wrapped up in a cute little package with a handwritten note and two envelopes made from recycled paper. The cards are super sturdy, able to withstand a heavy dose of ink. I’ve already sent one off to my bestest friend, who recently moved to Syracuse. :)

Amy’s craftiness has inspired me to start including some of my own DIY endeavors on my blog. I have an Etsy shop, but it’s painfully empty at the moment. I think it’s time to fill ‘er up. In the meantime, go check out Amy’s shop and support a fellow vegan!

Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Celine!