A Mid-MoFo Cobbler Fail | VeganMoFo 2019 Day Sixteen

I ate leftovers for lunch and leftovers for dinner, so let’s talk about dessert! Last night’s dessert, a peach and nectarine cobbler. It was… well, what’s a succinct way of saying “a total waste of peaches and a really crappy recipe I should’ve known better than to follow?”

Ah yes, a failure. That’s the word.

Faced with a dwindling supply of vegan butter, I wanted a recipe that used oil in the biscuit portion of the cobbler. I found one! But as I was following it, warning signs were flashing left and right: Hmm, no salt? Really? and Wait, you want me to cook this at 450˚?! and Just brown sugar? No white?

Ugh. Basically, I made a saucy peach casserole (OK, that part’s fine) topped with bland-ass, undercooked biscuits. UGH.

I knew – KNEW! – that stupid 450˚ oven temperature was going to cause trouble, yet I still followed the directions. (I hate being a consummate rule-follower.) Most cobblers cook at 350˚ or maybe 375˚ for a good half hour at least, which gives the bready biscuit topping time to bake through without burning. LOL, guess what happened at 450˚? I took it out after the prescribed ~25 minutes to find the undersides of the biscuits completely raw and doughy, yet the tops already beginning to catch. Come ON. I lowered the temp and put them back in for another 10-15 minutes, but they were still pretty soft when they came out.

They were also tasteless. I’d even added a shake of salt when I noticed there wasn’t any in the recipe, but they were still bland AF. I suspect it’s partly because they only used brown sugar, which somehow doesn’t seem to have the assertive sweetness of white in baked goods. Don’t get me wrong — I’m actually pretty sensitive to overly sweet baked goods these days, so I don’t want like, tooth-melting sweetness. But I do want to taste some sweetness if I, y’know, added sugar.

I’m not going to link to the recipe here because I don’t want to call out this blogger’s less-than-stellar recipe. I know most bloggers don’t have legions of testers, so sometimes a mediocre recipe slips through. (I’m sure I’ve posted a few.) But let me just say: If you find a cobbler recipe that calls for a 450˚ oven and 22-25 minutes of baking time, run away and find another recipe.

(This one is yummo; you can use berries or replace them with sliced stone fruit. For a slightly different (and slightly richer) twist, I also have had luck with this one.)