Adios, MoFo: Thanks & a Giveaway

Hey, you. Yes, you, person reading this post, about to hit the Next button in your Google Reader because you see too many words and not enough food porn. Stay a minute, why don’t ya? I’ve got something to say to you.

Thank you.

Thanks for everything. Thank you for your comments. Thanks for your food porn. Thank you for finding my blog while searching for “silly pumpkin pie” and “im with stupid muffins” and “gryffindor is lead.” Thank you for lurking and never leaving comments but betraying your creeperness by upping my blog hits (it’s okay; I’m down with the creepers). Thank you for your blog posts, the heartwearming and the creative and the mouthwatering and the nerdy and the intrepid alike. Thanks for your food porn. Thank you for your healthy treats and your sinful sweets. Thanks for taking me to faraway places from the comfort of my computer. Thank you for your Tweets and your vlogs and your talent for filling my Google Reader to overflowing. Thanks for your cookbooks filled with endless possibilities for delicious eats. Thank you for your community and for giving me something to look forward to next summer. Thanks for your compassion and your generosity and your sweetness. Thanks for your friendship and your support and did I mention your food porn? Seriously. Thanks for all the fish.

You – all of you – have made this a wonderful month o’ MoFo. I was stressed out and anxiety-ridden through much of it, but knowing that I could look forward to a Google Reader full of energetic, exciting posts and cruelty-free compassion and delicious, delicious food made everything a little easier to bear. You’re all amazing, and I thank you from the bottom of my silly little vegan heart.

And because you might not believe me unless I offer more than words, how about a giveaway? I’ve compiled a trove of treasures for you.

First, five adorable pins. Kala, who blogs over at Vegan Craftastic, didn’t officially participate in MoFo but did post about two of my favorite things throughout November: vegan food and vegan crafts! She has an Etsy shop stocked with oodles of adorable pins, bags, and notebooks – an awesome resource if you’re in the market for handmade holiday gifts! I chose a set of cooking-related pins, a cupcake pin, and a squirrel pin just because it was too cute to leave out!

Next up, two sweet cards. Amy of Tahinitoo was a MoFo champ, tantalizing us with droolworthy photos of brownies from the brownie cookbook she’s creating. But did you know that she, too, is a vegan crafter? Her Etsy shop, Chirp Cards, offers colorful, handmade cards for your writing and mailing pleasure. I think they’re super creative and fun, so I chose two to share with you.

Finally, a cookbook! Kris from Nom! Nom! Nom! Blog rocked MoFo with delicious food and fun giveaways. She’s also published a cookbook, The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes. Although I don’t own this cookbook, I’m pretty sure it rocks, judging just from the amazing baked goods she shares on her blog. So I figured I’d include it in my giveaway in the interest of supporting fellow MoFoers. ;)

Entering is simple. Just leave a comment telling me your favorite moment of this November. Easy peasy! For an extra entry (or two), blog and/or Tweet about this giveaway and then come back here and leave another comment for each of those actions. Yay! I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday, 8th December, around noon CST.

Also, if you already own Kris’ cookbook, I’d be happy to substitute another cookbook, so feel free to enter! I wouldn’t mind keeping the copy for myself or gifting it to someone for Christmas. :)

Good luck, and thanks again for the MoFo memories!


26 thoughts on “Adios, MoFo: Thanks & a Giveaway

  1. What a wonderful way to say good bye to MoFo! I just wrote a post about all my favourite finds this month – but I think the best moment was seeing 700 vegan blogs listed in the MoFo blogroll. That says a lot about the community we’re building. Thank you for all the posts you wrote this month – every single one made me smile.


  2. What a great post! And thanks for including me in your list. Loved that food porn, too! (I have to go make peppermint ice cream now. . . . ) ;) I loved finding new blogs and bloggers to read!


  3. My favorite moment of this November was sitting at my computer, wrapped up in a blanket I knitted, wearing wristwarmers that I also knitted, occasionally gazing out the window at my snowcovered back yard, and looking at pictures of so many amazing, delicious foods that I will never have the ambition to make, but appreciate nonetheless!

    Oh, and I LOVE the snow on your page!!


  4. What a clever and creative way to recap some of the highlights! There are so many wonderful blogs and much vegan yumminess out there, thanks for the links because I had missed some of them, and that has to be fixed!

    Thanks for the cute mention, and thank you for all your awesome mofo-ing too!

    I believe you, I believe you, without a giveaway! I share your respect and thankfulness for all amazing vegan bloggers too! But since you asked…

    I have to say, that one of the highlights for me was the Packing List for a Deserted Island series of posts from Cadry’s kitchen. Very humorous and creative, and full of yummy pics!

    I also enjoyed finding blogs from faraway places like the Viet Nam An Chay…a really lovely blogger and delicious recipes.

    And like you, I really loved the excitement and fun of browsing the Google reader…I hope the feed continues, because I’ll keep reading!



  5. Kelly!!! Could your new header and snow be any cuter? I know I need to update mine so badly, and this is making me feel even more lazy about it!

    What a fantastic way to support other vegans and give others some stuff! Brilliant thinking, indeed.

    I had so many favourite moments (I’m not good at picking just one). How about 3? First, having my first MoFo post being first in the first MoFo round-up. This made me happy as I’d taken a few months off during our move/lack of internet & it made me feel so welcome. 2nd, interviewing my Auntie J who at 70 has gone vegan – sharing her joy and excitement revived me, and I think others, too. 3rd would have to be the solidarity I felt with my fellow MoFores as we rocked out post after post, whether we had time, energy or the where with all (or not!).

    And thank you for including me in that round-up, Kelly! Sending you virtual Apricot Oat bars!


  6. I’ll tweet about this and spread the word; I’m @kuntrageous.

    My favorite part of November was Thanksgiving. This year has been a really rough year for my family and a lot of my friends, both financially and emotionally; but this Thanksgiving was the best my family has ever had. We spent 9 glorious hours together cooking and drinking wine and talking about all the adventures we’ve had together as a family and all that’s to come. I’m blessed to have such an amazing family.


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  8. you’re so sweet! Thank YOU for an awesome month, and my favorite part of it was discovering all the different new vegan blog for MoFo. It’s been a blast!


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  10. Thanks for the love and support! I still have a pile of MoFo posts to read through. That’s the fun of it, though, all of the reading/ideas etc, even though it’s easy to get behind. What a cool community we have!


  11. My favorite moment in November? I would say that every day of vegan MoFo was great! But a moment would probably be my first bite of Tofurky roast on Thanksgiving. I only eat that special roast during Thanksgiving so I had to wait a year from the last time. However, I am going to make it a more regular meal since it is sooo good.


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  14. So many people posted so much great stuff, it’s really hard to choose a favorite moment from this last round of MoFo… though my sweet tooth is making me say that I particularly enjoyed Madcap Cupcake’s Holiday Cookie Project. Her pictures and her write-ups were equally mouth-watering, and even though I already knew I wanted to get VCIYCJ, the book has now made its way to the top of my wishlist!


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